Before & After Makeovers: Open Enrollment Communications

This is Part 1 of our makeover examples. You can also check out more in Part 2.

We give a lot of advice and insight about improving Open Enrollment communication. A lot. And in the HR world, we all know July quickly becomes October, so the season is upon us already.

You’re busy, and only getting busier. Rather than impart more knowledge, we’re going to show you what it looks like to simplify your OE communication.


Some transformations are bigger than others. Very few employees will take time to read text-heavy benefits guides. We helped this client simplify, clarify, and organize, so the text is easier to digest.  The information now actually communicates. See more of this client’s redesigned guide.


HR folks have a tendency to overexplain. We helped this client use fewer words and plain language to explain their three FSAs.  A cleaner page is less intimidating and more inviting.  Concise writing and short sentences make it easier to understand. See more of this company’s OE campaign.


Less really can be more. Less text, more readability. For this client, we turned two 40-page benefits guides into one 20-pager that employees could understand. Here’s just one of the pages. See more of this campaign.

Health care is complicated enough. Make sure your benefits communications aren’t adding to employee frustration. When you help them understand what you’re offering, everyone wins. You get engagement (and less calls to HR). They save money and get the best care.

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