Working With Us

You’ll find our in-depth knowledge of HR programs, combined with our expertise in employee communications, will make us a valuable part of your HR team…one you can rely on to get things done.

We dig in to dig you out of your HR to-do pile. We get to know your programs and company culture… like an extension of your team.

“I don’t know how we ever did communications before. They’re so professional now, and WOT does so much heavy lifting for us.”

Sr. Director, Global Benefits

You can hand us the job with confidence. No learning curve to worry about with WOT… we know HR.

“I called them for the first time one day, and before I knew it… I had a designed postcard with just the right message for our employees.”

Senior Manager, Total Rewards

You’ll get solutions that fix the problem, not impulsive responses that don’t think it through.

“They are very creative in coming up with solutions to communication challenges.”

Chief Human Resources Officer

Your dedicated account team has a senior-level communications leader backed by HR gurus and creative designers.

“I didn’t think we needed help with communications. Now I don’t know what we’d do without them!”

Manager, HR Service Center

We make it simple for employees to understand.
And easy for you to get the job done.