Life at WOT

On any given day, you’ll find our crew editing (old-school pencil to paper), creating new designs, scouring HR news, chewing on toys (that’s Vinny), and probably laughing. We spend a lot of time together…a lot. Laughter is key. We take our work seriously, though. Our driving force is always to deliver the best experience and exceptional communications for our clients. We’ve also been known to deliver some pretty cool Open Enrollment kick-off packages. Just sayin’.

Our mission… deliver HR communications that inform, engage, and motivate employees

and work with organizations committed to employee understanding

Our guiding values…

  • Tell the truth
  • Keep promises
  • Take the initiative
  • Focus on customers
  • Respect and support one another
  • Learn as much as we can
  • Share our knowledge
  • Have fun

…not necessarily in that order.

Happenings at WOT

Vinny the WOT dog relaxing during our weekly “to-do” meeting

Sheila + pencil + highlighter = editing, old-school style

Sandy’s desk: How many plants are too many, Sandy?

Jennifer’s desk: How many cups are too many, Jennifer?


Sandy and Sheila assembling annual AE kick-off packages


WOT’s flying Monkey, you never know where he might turn up.

Sandy packing up another annual AE kick-off package.

Some WOT folks at our holiday party – always full of creativity

Our people… make work feel less like work

Jennifer Weatherly
Partner, Client Services

With a keen understanding of internal and employee communications, Jen never stops looking for innovative ways to engage employees.
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Julie Oswalt (& Vinny)
Partner, Creative Services

Our mastermind for making designs communicate, Julie stays on top of new and interesting ways to marry words + design to be visually creative.
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Andrea Froehle
Senior Communication Consultant

Andrea transforms complex jargon into everyday speak, ensuring client communications are accessible and understandable to all employees.
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Sheila Blaine
Senior Communication Consultant

Approaching every project from the employee’s point of view, Sheila makes sure the language is simple, concise, easy to understand.
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Sandy Jones
Graphic Production Artist

With a wealth of design and production experience, Sandy’s creativity and love of color breathes fresh life into everything.
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Becky Paul
Proofreader Extraordinaire

Our go-to gal, Becky has a sharp eye for details. Nothing goes out the door without her approval. She supports everything we do for our clients.
(Thus, has no time for LinkedIn)

We get out and give back

It’s fun. It feels good. It makes a difference in our community.


Who we support 


The Weatherly and Witman families celebrating and honoring their parents at Ohio’s Hospice of Dayton 3K/5K Remembrance Walk.