Health & Wellness Programs

Healthy employees make a healthy company. Convincing employees to participate in a wellness program can be a challenge. The key is making the “what’s in it for me” clear to them, whether it’s a healthier lifestyle or tangible rewards…or both.

In working with Fortune 500 companies to promote their wellness programs and helping several wellness vendors create their marketing communications, we know how to see your messages through an employee’s eyes. We’re familiar with the popular platforms, and we understand how to make a compelling case for overall wellness among various employee groups.


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Our Work


Your company likely offers many benefits and programs that can help new parents better navigate the journey of forming a family. Put them together in one resource like this sample New Parents’ Guide.



This manufacturing company needed an effective diabetes awareness campaign that could reach their many diverse populations.



Before rolling out the wellness program, this large retail company wanted a new campaign that would generate excitement and engagement.



The complicated structure of this wellness incentive program took multiple versions of postcard and email communications, and very clear, concise messaging and design.


Our Insight

Three Missteps of Many Financial Wellness Programs

If employees aren’t taking advantage of your programs, the problem may not be what you’re offering, but how you’re offering it.


A Window into Employee Wellness (Literally!)

It’s true that “work perks” often equate to a happier, healthier workforce, but creating an environment that people want to work in doesn’t have to be outlandish or expensive.


Are You Ready for the “Psycho” Age of HR?

People fall into five groups when it comes to health and wellness. They’re each motivated by different factors and respond to different types of communications.