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Employees here are rewarded for wellbeing with either HSA dollars from the company or points that can be used toward gift cards. The reward depends on enrollment in a company medical plan, and the requirements to receive the reward are somewhat complicated.

Although HR educated employees on the wellness incentive program, people were voicing concern over a perceived lack of communication about how to earn the rewards.


We advised our client that one-size-fits-all messaging wouldn’t suffice for communicating such a complex structure. We looked to their data and created a tailored strategy that would speak directly to specific employee groups, explaining (and showing graphically) how to meet the plan’s different “if/then” requirements.

First, we segmented employees into three groups: CDHP plan members, PPO plan members, and those who waived company coverage. We wrote messaging specific to each group, and developed graphics to explain each reward structure more clearly.

Then, we created a year-long communications plan for each group, with different reminder messaging about various aspects of the program (biometric screenings, earning points, approaching deadlines, etc.).

Using the three channels most effective for the employee base, we designed simple, colorful postcards and coordinating HTML emails, and planned timely articles in the company newsletter and on the intranet.

Since we’ve partnered with this client to improve wellness communications, they’ve routinely seen a spike in enrollment and engagement…”well above the benchmark” according to their wellness provider.

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