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Like most companies, CNH Industrial wants to provide affordable benefits to all employees. With costs continuing to rise, they looked to chronic care as a possible area to not only reduce costs, but to increase the level and quality of care. CNH Industrial partnered with three innovative companies that offer products and programs to educate and improve the lives of people living with diabetes. With that education and support, many can lower their health care costs…for themselves and their employer.

The benefits department needed to pull together an effective awareness campaign that could reach their many diverse populations — factory floors, drivers, regional offices, and corporate.


Write On Target researched the communication channels available to the benefits department and delved into company culture. We also took advantage of existing programs with audiences that would be able to target employees with diabetes, such as employee advocates, nurse lines, site managers, etc.

We wrote and designed three effective communication pieces to highlight the benefits of each diabetes program, clearly defining the intended audience for each (pre-diabetics, current diabetics, and those wishing to reverse diabetes):

  • Letter mailed home to all employees. This reached the hourly employees who don’t often access email, and it reached their eligible dependents.
  • Posters for all locations, including factory and office breakrooms, timeclocks, and even restrooms.
  • A card for biometric screenings, handed out to employees with diabetes or with a risk of developing diabetes.
  • Leadership information sheet distributed electronically to site managers, HR managers, employee advocates, the nurse line, and the benefits call center.
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Write on Target
Write on Target
Write on Target
Write on Target