Benefits Enrollment

Around July every year, HR people put on their well-worn benefits enrollment hat. And it’s no party hat. It’s a “hunker down and get this done” hat that comes with a long to-do list. Often, a strategic communications plan is too far down the list to get much attention.

You work hard to negotiate great benefits for employees. But most times employees aren’t engaging with those programs, and your department is overwhelmed with calls from confused employees throughout the year. In the end, maybe, you’re wishing you had created that communications plan.


We’ve created hundreds of communications plans and helped HR leaders through 300+ enrollment campaigns. Our communications are created by HR gurus working with creative writers and designers. They’re easy to understand and technically correct. And we can help you ensure they’re sent out at the right time via the right channel.


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Our Work


This large, dispersed manufacturing company transitioned to new benefits and technology, so easy-to-understand communications were key.



This global company moved to simpler, digital enrollment communications to align with their company culture.



With simplified communications and newly adopted technology, this large food-service organization had great reviews on enrollment materials and 75% use of the new tech.


Our Insight

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