Year-Round Engagement

HR can hit the ground running when it’s time to get information out, especially during times like Open Enrollment. But HR communications aren’t a “one and done” activity. Talk to employees all year to ensure they’re making the most of the plans and programs you work so hard to create.

We’re all in favor of a monthly e-newsletter (we’ve created many), but you can gain even better results when you also frequently promote specific programs to the employees who need them most.


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Year-Round Calendar: Talk up your benefits and programs all year, so your hard work yields a measurable payoff—one you can brag about. Download the calendar here.


Our Work


Engaging with store hourly employees in a large restaurant chain is a challenge, especially outside the Open Enrollment season.



The outstanding benefits this company provides were only promoted during Open Enrollment. Now, a monthly e-newsletter links to a customized page on their widely used intranet.


Our Insight

Infographic: Trying to reach frontline workers?

Be sure your communications are customized to this employee group. Send the right message, at the right time, through the right channel.


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Year-round benefits communication reminds employees what they signed up for, and helps them make the most of the benefits you work so hard to offer. In this blog, you’ll find our downloadable calendar with year-round communications ideas.


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You probably have several benefits designed to meet the needs of a diverse population. Let your employees know.


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Help employees spread your message. Engage, equip, and reward employee advocates.