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This company has outstanding benefits for its employees. But those employees only heard about the benefits during Open Enrollment. Many programs had few sign-ups and little engagement throughout the year. The benefits department needed a way to regularly put the benefits programs in front of employees.


First, we listened to the benefits team to learn about the culture of the company and the communications channels available. Although there are several locations throughout the U.S., nearly all employees are connected by common technology — the most widely used being their Spark platform. The benefits department also has an established and frequently visited intranet portal.

In tandem with McGraw Hill’s IT and internal communications departments, we worked with the benefits team to design and build a monthly digital newsletter. We also created a corresponding intranet page to house back issues with searchable content.

The overall plan included:

  • An annual editorial calendar, with each monthly issue centering around a theme and relevant employee benefits, along with a calendar of upcoming events.
  • An e-newsletter design consistent with corporate branding.
  • A dedicated page on the client’s intranet, called Spark.
  • Easy “copy-and-paste” text for Wellness Champions to distribute.
  • Printable one-page PDF version for managers to put in common areas.
  • Access to metrics that allow us to provide monthly analytics.

We continue to write and produce the monthly newsletter, creating a branded email with lead-in copy and links to full articles posted on the intranet. It’s an easy process for the benefits department — we know their benefits and understand their technology.

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