Compensation & Total Rewards

An employee’s compensation is more than just a paycheck. The company rewards them for their work in many other ways. You know it, and HR often talks about it, but is it registering with employees? If you’re sending out total rewards statements, they need to be simple and understandable.

Still, compensation can be a sensitive (and private) topic, especially during times of change in a company. There are ways to communicate a truthful message that’s authentic to the company’s culture.

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Our Work


This manufacturer knew managers were key to employees understanding the full package of their compensation. With a proper training program, managers are now equipped to handle performance and compensation discussions with employees.



This manufacturing company’s executive compensation statements had become cumbersome…to read and to carry. We helped them create a clever, simpler electronic version that piqued curiosity and developed a rollout plan that eased the transition to the digital format.



This company’s workforce faced major compensation changes, and some employees would be negatively impacted. A phased approach helped managers understand how to talk to direct reports.


Our Insight

Compensation: What Do Your Managers Say to Employees?

Less than half of companies train managers on how to communicate compensation. If an employee asks a question, are you confident that manager gives a good answer?


5 Tips for Knock-Their-Socks-Off Total Rewards Statements 

The power of a total rewards statement comes from the personal and detailed picture it gives employees of the full value of their work.