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Executives wanted employees to understand the full package of their compensation, but past HR communication efforts had fallen flat. We knew it had to start with first making sure managers truly understood. And we knew they needed the right talking points to explain it to their direct reports.


We created an “HR Guide to Compensation and Leadership” that was handed out to managers at the end of a multi-week training program.

First, we worked with HR to develop a calendar that lays out the timeline managers should follow to guide their performance and compensation discussions with employees. This made it clear that most of the work happens in the first quarter…and they need to be prepared.


Clarifying and Simplifying the Four Key Components

  • Pay for Performance. This panel in the guide clearly explains the concepts of base pay, salary ranges, and market-based adjustments, along with high-performance increases in pay. We made sure to show how the compensation team determines base pay — “We price the job, not the people in it.”
  • Short-Term Incentives (Bonuses). The guide explains how payouts are based on individual performance goals and overall company performance, and when those results are announced each year.
  • Recognition and Rewards. Managers have several options for rewarding employees outside the performance increase period. This section explains the nomination process, options, and more.
  • Long-Term Incentives (Stock). This panel explains restricted stock units and the entire process of how, and why, stock is rewarded to strategic leaders.

With this guide on hand year-round, managers have messaging to help them talk to employees about topics that are often sensitive and complicated.

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