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The executive compensation statements for one client had become cumbersome…to read and to carry. The presentation and packaging involved a large three-ring binder with photocopied documents and multiple tabbed sections. Tired of assembling a 220-page binder every year, the client was ready to modernize, simplify, and save trees.

But they wanted to be cautious about the switch from paper to digital — change isn’t always perceived as a good thing when it comes to compensation.


To build excitement, and quell any fears that might arise from the new presentation style, we wanted executives to feel curious and interested when they received their new electronic statements. This would help ease the transition to the new style for the documents, which we had not only digitized, but also simplified and reorganized.

The package, delivered to their desk, resembled a restaurant takeout box. Inside the box they found custom-printed M&M’s and a small tin box. And inside that box…their executive comp statement.

Everything they needed to know was on a colorful, branded thumb drive the size of a credit card. We even provided an extra copy they could give to their financial consultant. On that thumb drive they could explore:

  • A three-page snapshot view of all their executive awards (compensation and benefits), plus their selected beneficiaries
  • Links to detailed plan documents
  • A list of contacts and links to external resources

The packages and new digital documents were received with very positive reviews. And HR saved time and money. (Although we did have requests for more M&M’s.)

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