Change Management

The tumultuous events in 2020 gave every HR professional a real-time education in change management and crisis communications. Many were hailed as heroes by employees and C-suite executives. We worked alongside many of our clients to craft messaging and create communications that would allay fears and relay honest updates.

Our experiences over the past 25+ years have shown us that change management is all about information, support, and direction…all done through honest, timely communications.


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Our Work


Moving 3,000 employees from traditional PPO and HMO plans to one HDHP plan was a serious culture change that required education from the C-suite to line managers.



Rolling out a COVID-19 vaccine program requires a phased, multi-channel approach with carefully controlled messaging from the top down. (This assumes a mandatory program, but is easily customized for a voluntary one.)


During company acquisitions, HR managers found themselves in the middle of a multi-year change management challenge. The key is to help managers understand how to talk to employees.


Our Insight

Business as Usual Is Gone. Let’s Plan for a Return to Better

As the business world prepared to welcome employees back to the workplace during COVID-19, one thing was clear: Communications were more important than ever.


In the Game of Telephone, HR Communications Always Lose

Cascading your communications can be a very effective way to talk about change. But only if you do it right.


Need to Cascade HR Messaging? Try This Template

Control your messaging and tailor it down the line, so you’re speaking directly and specifically to each audience.


Benefit Plans Changing? Start Communications Early

Prepare employees with a four-part pre-enrollment communications campaign.