Benefit Plan Changes? Prepare Employees with Pre-annual Enrollment Communications

As a rule of thumb, it’s not a good idea to tell your employees something until they can actually take action. The thought is, “why tell them what they have to do, when they can’t do anything about it right now.” But as rules go, there are always exceptions.
Take annual enrollment. If you’re introducing a totally new plan next year, you shouldn’t wait until decision time to start educating employees. This is especially true for companies transitioning to high-deductible HSA plans. Because these plans are so foreign to employees, they need time to process this information and understand the changes. They also need time to talk to their spouses.

Help prepare your employees now for changes to come with a four-part pre-enrollment series. Tell them:

  1. What’s changing: New plans are coming!
  2. How will it work: This is how the new plans work and how they compare to current plans.
  3. Why it’s changing: The company’s long-term strategy for health care is …
  4. What they need to do: Prepare for annual enrollment.

By educating employees now and preparing them for what will be different, they’ll have time to learn about benefit plan changes, share what’s happening with their family and be ready to make smart decisions.