Reigning in Communications Confusion


17 vendors sending multiple communications each year


Cobranded communications coordinated through a year-long calendar

MORE in this total rewards campaign:

  • — “Support Beyond
        Your Pay”
  • — Wellness Program


It may seem easier to rely on your vendors and partners to “market their wares,” but it can lead to communication overload and confusion with employees. That’s what this client was experiencing.

The benefits team had worked hard to secure some great programs, and they were excited to get the word out. But reigning in multiple vendors and their communications calendars…that became time consuming. Each vendor was sending emails to employees on their own timeline; plus, not all employees regularly checked emails.


We worked with the client and the vendors to create a “who’s doing what when” calendar, identifying the available information and deciding what features were most important to promote. If MetLife was sending a mailer about life insurance, we didn’t want Livongo sending a postcard about the risks of diabetes.

Plus, we helped the client map out a benefits-branded, year-long total rewards campaign that ties vendor programs back to the company. Where we found gaps in coverage of certain topics, we amended the calendar and highlighted the right programs. This was their chance to say, “Look at all these great benefits we’re providing.” (See the “Support Beyond Your Pay” and wellness facets of this campaign.)

  • Kickoff total rewards mailer. This fold-out piece laid out all benefits, but focused on lesser-known programs employees don’t pay much attention to.
  • Follow-up quarterly postcards. Each postcard features two to three benefit programs, with highlights and a QR code that takes you to the details.
  • Editorial calendar. Communications are planned out for the full year in advance.
  • Benefits branding. Having worked with this client on other communications, we were able to incorporate a consistent look and feel that has brand recognition among employees.



The client knows what’s being sent to employees and when. All vendor communications going to employees can now be cobranded, so employees can clearly tell the difference between a company-sponsored program and a generic piece of marketing.

HR’s role is more streamlined, with a plan in place that ensures an even cadence of communications coming from vendor programs. And the new benefits-branded postcards give HR control over the messaging.


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