“Support Beyond Your Pay”


Benefits Guide was the “one and done” benefits publication


A total rewards campaign puts benefits front-of-mind several times a year

MORE in this total rewards campaign:

  • — Year-Round
  • — Wellness Program


Once Open Enrollment has passed, employees don’t often think about all the benefits and programs HR worked so hard to secure for them. When it comes to compensation, most employees don’t see past their paycheck.

This client wanted to remind employees of all the rewards that come with their career at the company. Sure, they had a full Benefits Guide, but they wanted a colorful, high-level summary that also served as a reminder of all the benefits and programs that aren’t as well known.


Since they had help creating a great Benefits Guide (wink, wink), the goal was to highlight all the other programs employees don’t focus on during Open Enrollment. Plus, we showed how to effectively use the benefits to save the most money on health care.

  • $0 prescriptions, virtual visits, and heart health monitoring
  • Wellbeing program with a savings on medical premiums
  • Discount marketplace for many products employees use every day
  • Supplemental life, AD&D, disability
  • Critical illness and accident insurance
  • Identity theft protection
  • Tuition reimbursement, professional development courses
  • Paid time off to volunteer


Real-Life Scenarios Show the Value of Certain Protections

Three distinct personas laid out scenarios that proved the value of insurances like critical illness, accident, and supplemental disability.


We found a way to divide the benefits and programs into meaningful categories for employees: health, wealth, peace of mind, and self + community. Using eye-catching fonts and real-world examples, we:

  • Reminded employees of “benefits you may not know about”
  • Focused on programs that could save them money
  • Highlighted ways to earn dollar credits, save the most for retirement, etc.
  • Explained the value of benefits like accident and critical illness insurance

We also tied the theme into the overall total rewards campaign: Caring for the Whole You. When employees see these branded communications, they immediately think “important  information from the benefits department.” (See the wellness and year-round communication facets of this campaign.)  


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