Reviving a Wellness Program


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In year two of this client’s wellness program, engagement was waning. Employees were confused by the complex reward structure and point levels. It seemed daunting to reach the high level of required points, and it certainly didn’t seem like employees were appreciating the overall health aspects of the program.

To change these perceptions, this client needed to change how the program was being communicated. They needed clearer, more compelling messages that focused on the program’s value to the employee…not just on the points.


We met with the client and their wellness partner, Virgin Pulse, to get a full understanding of the program. We listened to what the client had been hearing from employees, and we reviewed all existing communication pieces.

Our mission was clear: make the message more about the employee, not the program.

The overall theme, tied to the larger total rewards campaign, was “We Care for the Whole You.” We crafted messaging to promote the intrinsic rewards of the program and its approach to incremental lifestyle changes:

  • Learning healthy habits
  • Living a healthier lifestyle
  • Being the best version of yourself
  • Having more energy
  • Getting to know people in your work community


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The messaging also busted a few of the myths around wellness, making sure people understood:

  • You don’t have to go to the gym or hike mountains
  • It’s not difficult to earn points
  • There are options for every level of fitness, and every lifestyle

Using real-life scenarios of two people with very different lifestyles, we showed that the strategy is to earn points all year long, in small steps every day.

Working with Virgin Pulse, we merged messaging and design to show employees how the system of points and rewards could work specifically for them.


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