How Will You Communicate OE This Year? Don’t Get Boxed In

You’re in full-on Open Enrollment planning mode now. RFPs are coming in. You’ll get the rates soon (if planets align). And it looks like you’ve worked out some pretty good benefits for employees.

It’s time to start thinking about how you’ll tell employees about their options — update your benefits enrollment guide, write a few emails, maybe mail a postcard. Wait…we say stop right there.

You’ve Worked Hard to Line Up Those Benefits

If you’re in HR or any employee-facing position, the last year-and-a-half are both a blur of non-stop change and a whole lot of blah. You were there for employees during the toughest times, and this fall you’ll come through once again to make sure they’re cared for.

Take time to ensure employees know about, and truly understand, the benefits you’re offering. Your team’s efforts deserve the recognition and appreciation of the employees you’ve advocated for.

In a recent IFEBP survey on OE communications, the majority of respondents have a low to medium understanding of benefits. And (not surprisingly) they don’t open or read the materials.

Think Outside Your HR Box for OE Comms This Year

If you have a large non-desk population, your communications will hit a wall with an online enrollment guide and a few emails. And, desk-based people have inboxes stuffed full of e-clutter. There’s a good chance they’ll scroll right by your emails.

Think outside your HR box, and stand in theirs when you’re planning your OE communications. We have a few ideas for your print and digital messages in this infographic.

If you’re looking to simplify your OE communications this year, see what others have done to get more engagement with benefits and less with the call center.