Example: Year-Round Communication = More Engagement

If you’re not reminding employees, they’ve likely forgotten about many of the benefits and programs available to them. We’re staunch advocates for year-round HR communication, and it’s always rewarding when a client shares statistics that show our advice (and our work!) is making a difference.

Out of Sight, Out of Mind

One of our longest-held clients had launched an exciting new program for all 3,000+ employees. A simple online search could help them save hundreds or thousands of dollars on medical services. The vendor sent marketing material, and we helped our client promote the program internally.

For the first two months, employees seemed to love it, with hundreds engaging every week across the U.S. Huge success, and big savings for employees and the company.

Then, engagement dwindled month after month. Did employees no longer want to find the best care in their local area?

Over time, the new program lost its luster and simply wasn’t top of mind anymore. This is where reminders are needed — fresh communications with relevant messaging.

Engagement Was 15x Higher After New Communications

At the start of a new year, we worked with the vendor and our client to run a multi-channel communications campaign — postcards mailed home, articles in the benefits newsletter, emails from the vendor, and even an interactive game that encouraged people to explore the online tool.

Engagement increased more than 15x in just one month. And it held fairly steady during the campaign and for a while after. 

This is the power of employee communications. Results and metrics like this should be shared with leadership, and quantified with savings numbers when possible.

For help with talking up your benefits year-round, see our communications calendar.

You work hard to secure meaningful programs for employees. Make sure your hard work pays off by reminding employees to use those programs.