Ebooks and How-To’s

This page offers guidance on how to craft effective communications — that inform, engage, and motivate employees.

Ebook: Communicate with Purpose

Connecting with Your Dispersed, Diverse Employee Base

If you feel like your communications are being ignored, you can take your HR communications from blah and burdensome to compelling and concise with these great tips.

We’ve included real-world examples and fixes for the most common HR communications mistakes. It’s 25 years’ worth of experience and know-how.



Calendar: Talk Up Benefits Year-Round

Communicating Monthly: Topics, Tips, Examples

Communicating about valuable benefits and programs isn’t a one-time-a-year, only-in-the-fall obligation. It’s a must-do throughout the year, so all your work yields a measurable payoff you can brag about.

Remind employees what they signed up for, and how to make the most of the benefits you work so hard to provide.


Example: Handbook (with Tips!)

Is Your Handbook Welcoming or Intimidating?

Many of the employee handbooks we’ve revamped came to us as the finger-wagging type — lots of rules or “do’s and don’ts.” The tone rarely matched the company’s culture. Does yours?

Check out this example handbook we created for some inspiration.


From Our Blog:
Not Your Grandfather’s Employee Handbook

The traditional handbook has been viewed as the place to learn about company policies, procedures, and perks. It’s time to think bigger than information dissemination. A good handbook is more than a compliance document.


Guidance on Compliance

Take Your SPD from Legalease to Read with Ease

SPDs have become larger than the plans they supposedly summarize. After years of experience, we’ve learned the secrets to creating a document that plan participants will actually read and use. This downloadable includes our tips.


Check This List for a Better SPD

We love to do SPDs, but if you can’t hire us, be certain you check this list to ensure yours is readable, easy to scan, and speaks to participants clearly and concisely. It will make all the difference!