Your Health Care Programs Save Lives

As you work to promote your biometric screenings, health risk assessments and annual physicals, it’s easy to overlook an important fact: health care and wellness programs can, and do, save lives.

Most companies know of employees who have discovered they have issues around cancer, heart disease, diabetes or more, thanks to their preventive screenings. Don’t let those stories go unheard. Encourage employees to share their stories of detection, treatment and survival. After all, employees who have used your programs know them best. Leverage that knowledge and experience to promote your programs and encourage participation.

I’ve written about the value of stories before, but here’s some tips to develop testimonials:

Employees are typically excited to talk about their stories, but no one has ever asked them. Be the one who asks and wants to know more.

Get advice from employees who have used your programs. What would they want other employees to do once they hear their stories? How would they encourage others? What company programs were most helpful and why?

Spread The Word
Research shows that employees first turn to success stories and profiles when reading company newsletters and announcements. Put your stories front and center in your newsletters, then cross promote them on your intranet, in posters, direct mail or town hall meetings.

Enlist Ambassadors
Promoting the success of others has a snowball effect. Often, one employee’s success story is due to the influence of a peer. So ask employees to serve as ambassadors for programs or services they believe are most helpful.

Sharing stories creates awareness, understanding and results. Whether your employees uncovered issues during biometric screenings or used your plans for particular illnesses, their stories are compelling evidence of the value and real-life impact of your health care programs.