Will Your Q4 Work Pay Off? These Three Reminders Help

Rewind to fourth quarter last year. You worked hard to communicate with employees about the value of their benefits. But what’s the value if people don’t use them?

So now it’s time to remind employees what they signed up for, and how to make the most of everything. Here are the top three “how-to’s” you should share with them again.

How to Save Money

Healthcare costs keep rising, and employees feel it in their wallets. Educate them on ways to save. Some are more common-sense concepts, and some are “if you got ‘em, flaunt ‘em.”

  • Online tools and apps to estimate care expenses.
  • Telemedicine. See a doctor online anytime. It’s probably cheaper than urgent care.
  • Tips to save on medications. Use mail order, generics, and apps like GoodRx and RxSaver.
  • Health savings account. It’s tax-free money, so contribute as much as you can.
  • Alternatives to the ER. Find local urgent cares and convenience clinics.

How to Get the Right Care

The most expensive facility isn’t always the best facility, especially for specialty care. The doctor they’ve been seeing may not be the best for a certain diagnosis or treatment. Remind employees to:

  • Be savvy shoppers and check costs and ratings for doctors, labs, and clinics before a medical procedure.
  • Check hospital ratings before choosing one for non-emergency care. Start here.
  • Always choose in-network providers when possible (and it almost always is).
  • Get preventive care to avoid the more expensive care that comes later if you avoid it. And it’s always covered 100%.
  • Dedicated nurse lines or advocates. Ask questions before you seek care.

How to Get the Most of Other Benefits

Chances are your company offers more than medical coverage. And chances are employees have forgotten about them. Sure, you may have dental and vision options, and maybe an EAP. But don’t forget to tout benefits like life insurance, identity theft protection, pet and travel insurance, childcare discounts, and other offers that help make employees’ lives a little less stressful.

You may have led employees by the hand through Open Enrollment. You’ll probably need to pull them along during the year. You know the song: “Hold on loosely, but don’t let go.”