Using Google Analytics to Promote Your Wellness Program

The folks over at launched a new blog this past week with an eye-catching title, “When is the worst time to launch a wellness campaign?” They used Google Analytics to show that even though most wellness campaigns are introduced in the fall during open enrollment, it’s about the worst timing possible. That’s because people are much more focused on turkey thighs, rather than their own, during what Airbo calls the “Wellness Dead Zone” (October to December). Promoting healthy activities going into the holidays is similar to the backlash Weight Watchers is getting this morning for their anti-drug like spot during the food-frenzied Super Bowl. As they say, timing is everything.
The conundrum is that most companies integrate their medical plans and wellness programs, so they both need to be discussed during open enrollment. However, that doesn’t preclude you from taking advantage of the spike in interest occurring now. According to Google Analytics cited in the article, the search patterns for words like “fitness,” “diet,” and “healthy” are “freakishly consistent” at this time of year, then gradually decrease until the holidays roll around again. That means you should focus on promoting the healthy activities available through your wellness program now, then continue throughout the year. But keep in mind, the analytics also showed that few people search for the word “wellness” so be sure to use terms like “fitness,” “diet,” and “healthy” in your text, especially on your website.