Communications 11/4/2020

This Year Especially, Find Ways to Thank Employees

This month, people will be scraping together reasons to be thankful for 2020 — most will be thankful that it’s almost over.

Business leaders, though, have hundreds of reasons (even thousands, maybe) to be grateful — each and every employee. Gratitude is likely part of your company culture, and now’s the time to thank employees for hanging in there during one of the most difficult times in their lives.

You don’t need a grand gesture to make sure employees feel appreciated. But this year you can’t simply bring in donuts and coffee, either (food sharing being a no-no these days). No worries — we have ideas for some heartfelt HR communications.

Thoughts on All Sizes of Thankful

  • The Gift of More Time. Shut down early the day before Thanksgiving to give everyone some extra prep time at home. (That’s where their heads are by now anyway.)
  • A Shared Good Deed. Donate to a charity in your company’s name. Then send a card or email telling employees, “Our company is fortunate to have you, and we’re paying it forward with a donation to ABC Charity.”
  • Genuine Gratitude in Tough Times. Employees will understand if your company is running lean. An authentic, heartfelt email can be a very effective expression of gratitude. If you have the budget, a postcard sent home gets the message out to families, too. Tip: Let a writer help you craft the message.
  • Contactless Gift Giving. If you want to send a more traditional thanks, like a gift or money, keep it germ-free with an e-gift card. Something as simple and inexpensive as an e-gift card for a “coffee on the company” sends a message of appreciation.

Thank Thyself, Too

While you’re at it, take time to thank yourself! What a wild ride you’ve had over the last several months. Play a round of golf, hit the spa, have an extra slice of pie…treat yourself to a healthy portion of “job well done.”

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