Communications 11/20/2019

Quick Ways to Foster an Attitude of Gratitude

You can always find articles and books on how to create a company culture of appreciation and thankfulness year-round. For now — in these weeks before we take a break from work to break bread with family and friends — here are a couple easy ideas for kicking off the thanks in Thanksgiving.

  • Gratitude Jar. Put it in a central place and ask employees to write at least one thing they’re grateful for at work. Have strips of paper and pens nearby. Read them out loud at a meeting before the holidays. (Shy? They can be anonymous.)
  • Thank-You Bulletin Board (Online or Onsite). For a more out-in-the-open approach, hand out notecards or send emails asking everyone to post something they’re thankful for at work. And, if they can thank a specific person, that’s even better. If you appreciate coffee in the morning, thank whoever usually makes it. Who orders your office supplies, brings in treats, or empties your trash?

Gratitude at Work Is Worth the Effort

In this guidebook on creating a culture of gratitude in the workplace, read how a grateful attitude in the office reduces stress, increases productivity, improves employee health and attendance, and helps build better team relationships.

If you’ve made it through the months of planning for Open Enrollment, whether it was smooth sailing or choppy waters, take a few days to appreciate the people who helped steer the ship. And then brace yourself…here come the holidays!