Feel Good 2/20/2013

Our Week To Wake Up And Be “Awear”

You’ve probably heard the saying about people coming in and out of our lives for a reason. Some to give us something we need. Others to get what they need from us. There is a group of people that fit that sentiment for us. A group that gives to Write On Target so much more than they realize.

That group is called The Noble Circle Project. Each year we help create the promotional materials for their annual fundraiser the AWear Affair Luncheon and Fashion Show. It’s an incredible event and an incredible cause because The Noble Circle Project is a community of over 250 women that share one thing in common — they’ve all been diagnosed with cancer. Some have a more severe version of the disease than others, but they are all alike in their desire to explore complementary healing methods, whole-foods nutrition and peer support. They all strive to be better versions of themselves, in spite of their disease.

This is where I wake up.

In my egocentric ways, I’m guilty of going most days complaining about something — my kids, my kids’ piles of homework, the pile of dishes (left behind by my kids), my garbage disposal that won’t stop stinking and the one sock found under the couch (why!). Then this week, I have contact with these beautiful women of Noble Circle. They come in and out of our office picking up and dropping off materials. All the while, here’s what they complain about… their kids, their kids’ piles of homework, their piles of dishes and their own broken house items. THEY HAVE SO MUCH MORE TO COMPLAIN ABOUT. But yet, they don’t.

So for one week, I attempt to wake up, be “awear” of all that I am blessed with and to be thankful. Even for that one, solitary, stinking sock under the couch.

We admire the strength, humility and generosity of the women behind The Noble Circle Project. We applaud you all and congratulate you on your 10-year anniversary. We look forward to what’s to come!

You can learn more about The Noble Circle Project at www.noblecircle.org.