Feel Good 12/2/2015

Jimmy Fallon Thank You Notes…the Write On Target Way

With the holiday season upon us, we thought we’d share some thank you notes (ala Jimmy Fallon style) that we’d send if we could. Cue the music…

Dear Biometric Screening,

Thank you…for scheduling company screenings for weight and blood sugar in January. It’s a brilliant idea, since no one ever over indulges during the holidays. Your sense of timing is inspiring.

— The Write On Target team


Dear U.S. Government,

Thank you…not only for the Affordable Care Act, but for all the HR-related legislation you’ve passed over the years…and then changed and changed and changed again. Your non-stop efforts have kept us in business for over 21 years.

— The Write On Target team


Dear Snack Food Companies,

Thank you…for making all those delicious holiday goodies to not only relieve stress, but to help us push through the holiday season.

— The Write On Target team