New Hires Don’t Want to Just “Settle” In

Thirty days into the new job, Jordan was finally getting into a routine. The admin stuff was completed, and the office systems were easy enough to figure out. Some would say Jordan was settling in. But for Jordan, as for many new hires, they want to do more than just settle in. They still have questions…and ideas.

Another “Board” for the New Hire Path: Keepboarding

You probably have an onboarding process for new hires. And if you’ve thought outside the box, you may have preboarding activities that save valuable time on day one. Your process for welcoming, preparing, and informing new employees is a good one.

So, we ask you this: Once they’re in, what’s next? You’re probably thinking “employee retention strategy.” We say this: Keepboarding. (Actually, we’ve been saying that for years. Check out this “vintage” blog from 10 years ago!)

Keepboarding with New Hire Jordan

As we said, Jordan still has questions, and, more importantly, fresh ideas that could help improve your “business as usual.”

We have simple ways you can make sure new employees like Jordan thrive in their roles and understand the contribution they’re making to the company’s objectives.

  • Dedicated, online spot for new hires. Whether it’s an intranet or social media, this is an easy way for Jordan to chat with other people that may have similar questions or suggestions.
  • 90-day training plan. Have Jordan’s manager design a plan that helps develop and hone necessary skills incrementally, to avoid feeling overwhelmed.
  • 30-day check-ins. For those first 90 days, set up meetings every 30 days to talk about what’s going well, and whether this new employee’s expectations are being met. Ask Jordan where there might be room for improvement in the new hire process.
  • Annual re-orientation. In the middle of every year (not only during Open Enrollment), hold a companywide (or plantwide, regionwide, etc.) meeting to reacquaint everyone with the benefits and programs you offer. This gives you a chance to spotlight some of the under-used programs and address common questions.

You invest a lot of time and money recruiting top talent. So, rather than the “day one and done” approach, make days 30, 60, and 90 meaningful, too. Keep on keepboarding.