Communications 4/18/2017

“Keeping It Simple” includes Word Choice

Here at Write On Target, we’re advocates for the reader — we simplify the complex by using common language, words the reader understands.
We write in a way that helps employees understand the total rewards of working for their employer — from benefits and compensation to career development opportunities and retirement planning.

We believe copy and design go hand in hand. Messages should be clear and concise. Designs should be eye-catching and easy to scan, allowing the reader to absorb key points quickly.

This is especially true when it comes to word choice. When crafting your communications, you should aim for a 6th grade reading level to make sure your message is understood, but sometimes that’s easier said than done.

After writing any communication:

  • Scan your copy with a keen eye.
  • Cut industry terminology, acronyms and complex terms.
  • Replace multiple syllable words with simpler terms, such as:
Advantageous Helpful
Consolidate Combine
Disseminate Send
Facilitate Help
Inception Start
Implement Carry out
Leverage Use
Regarding About
Remuneration Reward
Subsequently After

Remember, your job is to communicate to employees so they understand the message. By keeping it simple, you’ll reach more people.