July: Refresh HR’s Commitment to DEI, Highlight Specific Benefits

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July: Refresh HR’s Commitment to DEI, Highlight Specific Benefits

This diverse country will be celebrating a birthday in July, and it seems fitting to remind everyone of HR’s efforts to support diversity, equity, and inclusion. Your providers probably already offer a few related programs or benefits, and you may have others to tout. Plus, many parents are already thinking about back-to-school season, and they’d love all the help you can offer…and you likely can offer some.

Theme/Message #1: We Support All Employees and Families. And All Styles.

Two summers ago, companies made big promises around diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI). The corporate world vowed to be more supportive of all lifestyles. Still, there were predictions and assumptions that DEI was a passing moment that would fade. Show that your company’s commitment still stands. Even if your company didn’t make drastic changes, you probably still have helpful programs you can promote. 

Theme/MessageBenefits that Support It
“Trust is important when you need care. Find a provider who understands you.”Let employees know about the diverse counselors available through the EAP. Most allow you to search for providers based on your preference (non-binary/-conforming, ethnicity/culture, issue specialization, etc.).
This same (or similar) search feature is likely available for health care providers in your medical plan.  
“Our diverse employees have unique health care needs. Benefits are there to help with yours.”
You can find more health statistics on minority populations on this government site.
Reach out to populations with specific health risks — it’s not “profiling,” it’s caring.
– Black adults are 40% more likely to have high blood pressure (and less likely to have it under control).
– Asian Americans are 40% more likely to be diagnosed with diabetes.
– 39% of the LGBTQ population reported a mental illness last year.
Read more about these statistics and how to direct your benefits to people who need them most.
“Benefits for every lifestyle.”Promote benefits like ABA therapy for autism, adoption support, infertility treatment, domestic partner coverage, gender-affirming care, etc.

Theme/Message #2: Back-to-School

Around August, many parents are realizing that when summer ends, another season is around the corner — back-to-school. The daily scene shifts, at home and in the child care industry. It can be stressful trying to find reputable, dependable care for the after-school hours. It helps to get started early.

Theme/MessageBenefits that Support It
“Attention parents: Enjoy summer more, knowing you’re prepped for back-to-school season.”  Point parents to your EAP, where they’ll probably find resources to help find child care, tutoring services, after-school activities, financial aid, etc.
If applicable, tell them about benefits like back-up care and day care discounts.
Remind them about required school vaccinations, and link to your state’s department of health.  

Stay tuned and watch for next month’s blog with messaging that encourages employees to plan for their future by saving for retirement.

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