Improve New Employee Onboarding with Technology

Engaging new employees, and building on that day-one enthusiasm, is one of the main goals of a successful onboarding program. It’s a challenge but technology can help you connect with new hires immediately and keep them engaged long after their first day of work.
Email is one of the easiest and quickest ways to add technology to your onboarding program. Before your new employees even start, send out a “welcome to the team” email that includes a message from the CEO and key executives. This is a great way to introduce employees to the leadership team. And by including links to any company videos, you provide new employees with an overview of company culture before day one.

Create a new hire portal on your web site where employees can access all administrative tasks, update employment information, take any required new hire training, upload a company photo and anything else that they can get done before the first day of work. Make use of electronic signature and verification tools for completing benefits paperwork. By pre-boarding most of these tasks, employees will feel immediately productive from day one.

If your company has an online social network, you should also create a special section for new hires. Encourage new hires to join online conversations, ask questions and participate in company polls and surveys. Online corporate communities can also be used long after the first day of employment to help new hires get to know each other, build their own internal community or network, and teach each other the ropes as they learn company processes and procedures. Your company’s social network is a great tool to engage new hires and connect them to other people throughout the company.

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