Good Benefits Need Good Reminders…All Year

Employees know you offer medical coverage, and those who enrolled know how to find care. But do they know how to save money on services? And, do all your employees remember the free programs you worked hard to secure? Sure, it’s in the benefits guide…but they haven’t looked at that since November. Our latest benefits communication calendar (fresh tips, new topics) can help you promote benefits all year long.

Vendor Comms Help, but Don’t Rely on Them Too Much

Sure, your vendors remind employees about the programs they offer. But those communications often go unnoticed because they can look like random marketing, even when cobranded with your company name.

Plus, unless you’ve had time to coordinate all your vendors’ communications calendars, it’s likely they’ll overlap. Employees may get a postcard in the mail about EAP counseling, and at the same time a mailer about the medical plan’s behavioral health benefits. That can be confusing.

When it comes to benefits, you are the “source of truth.” When news comes from the benefits department, employees know it pertains to them.

Plan Ahead, and Use the Calendar for Help

A purposeful, planned-ahead communications calendar makes it easier to keep benefits front and center throughout the year. You can prep communications in advance, so they’re ready to go at a scheduled time. This benefits communication calendar gives you monthly topics to consider, along with messaging to help hit the key points.

Choose Your Channels Ahead of Time, Too

Varying employee populations have different preferences when it comes to receiving communications. The boomer generation often prefers print pieces sent home, while the younger crowd is more accepting of email, text and even app pushes.

But don’t rely on email to reach employees working in a store or a factory, or driving a truck — they don’t have internet access most of the day. And when they leave work…they don’t want to read about work.

Check out this infographic for some “outside-the-box” thinking on how to reach all employees.

Download the Latest Benefits Calendar

We’ve refreshed our monthly benefits communication calendar with fresh tips and new topics. Every month gives you a couple options (or, run them both!), along with high-level messaging to get you started.