Communications 12/15/2020

Employees on the Floor, in the Field? Easy HR Communications Tip

The number one question we get from manufacturing and retail clients is, “How do we get HR communications to our non-desk workers?”

Let’s wrap up this year with a short, final tip on communicating with employees in the plants, stores, warehouses, restaurants, and other busy places. It’s easy, free, and only takes an hour of your time. Literally.

Make It a Standing Appointment

Whether it’s on a factory floor or in a department store, these employees have come to depend on a daily huddle of some sort. It’s where they hear company news and get to ask questions. They know when it’s happening, and where to go.

This same strategy can work for HR. Start a weekly “HR Talk Tuesday,” when your doors (and phones) are open and your team is available. It’s every Tuesday at the same time, and we suggest lunch time, when employees most likely have time to call.

Make sure you regularly advertise it as an all-hands-on-deck event, when the HR team is dedicated solely to answering questions. No question will go unheard. After a while, employees will have it in their heads: Tuesday at lunch is when to call HR with questions.

Sure, sometimes the hour will pass with no questions. And that’s great! (No need to thank us, though.)

Here’s another tip on getting your HR communications out to non-desk workers.

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