Compliance (SBCs, SMMs, SPDs)

If the average American reads at an eighth-grade level, why do we expect employees to understand regulatory documents written at a level for college juniors (most are)? The main reason is risk avoidance. The other reason? Habit.

If you refer a frontline worker to a 200-page SPD, you’re probably going to get a phone call. Instead, create simpler compliance documents that deliver on what they’re called, a summary document. It is possible to write in plain language while remaining technically and legally accurate. The same can be said for annual notices like HIPAA and GINA.


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Our Approach to Simpler Compliance Documents

One solution to more effective documents like SPDs is simple: More summary, less description.


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Download tips and a checklist for better SPDs

Take Your SPD from Legalese to Read with Ease

Nowadays, SPDs have become larger than the plans they supposedly summarize. After years of experience, we’ve learned the secrets to creating a document that plan participants will actually read and use.


Check This List for a Better SPD

We love to do SPDs, but if you’re unable to outsource to us, be certain you check this list to ensure yours is readable, easy to scan, and speaks to participants clearly and concisely.

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