We Love the History (HERstory) of These Dayton Women

Working in a company owned, operated, and powered forward by women, we like to think we make a little history every day. But before Women’s History Month ends, we want to honor another group of women close to our hearts.
Diagnosis: Sisterhood

Sixteen years ago, eight Dayton-area women found each other as they were coping with their cancer diagnoses. Together they navigated the medical treatment process, but soon realized they were in search of something more. Something beyond medicine. What they ultimately found was inspiration and empowerment in the form of whole-foods nutrition, energy techniques, and group support.

As they started to thrive
beyond cancer, they thought,
“There are many women who could
benefit from what we’ve learned.”

The circle of courageous women took on the noble cause of supporting and educating other women diagnosed with cancer. They called their new organization: The Noble Circle Project.

Results: Thriving

Fast forward to 2019 and Noble Circle supports more than 300 women through its ongoing Project Sisterhood program. And their New Sister program annually leads 30 women through a 10-week transformation journey.

All programs are organized and run by the
women of the group — the same women
undergoing treatments, losing their hair,
and keeping their families and friends
from losing hope.
Strong women
supporting strong women.

Thirteen years ago, Write On Target whole-heartedly threw our full marketing support behind this amazing group of women. And with additional support from many gracious companies, Noble Circle remains an all-volunteer organization running solely on donations and annual fundraising.

Our humbled hats are off
to the eight founders,
and to all the brave sisters of
The Noble Circle Project.

You can learn more at www.noblecircle.org.

In one moment, a diagnosis can change a life forever. Noble Circle teaches about inner strength and using it to embrace a changing life…one that’s going to be better.