Seven Ways to Know if Your OE Communications Are On Track

If you think your benefits communications are hitting the mark, you may need to think again.
According to a recent MetLife report, only 6 out of 10 employees agree that their benefits communications are well-done and easy to understand. In fact, more than 2/3 of employees report feeling confused about some or all of their benefits.

Could your OE communications approach use a little fine tuning? Answer these seven questions to see how your communications stack up.

1. Do your annual benefits communications have a “brand” — a consistent look, feel, and voice?

A. Yes, nearly every piece.
B. We’ve done some branding, but it’s dated and inconsistent.
C. Does clip art count?

2. Do you have an OE communications plan with clear goals, deliverables, and deadlines?

A. Yes, and it’s critical to our success.
B. Kind of. But it’s not as strong as it could be.
C. No. We update and re-use the same materials every year.

3. Do you have writers who can simplify complex HR information and eliminate jargon?

A. Yes. Our expert copywriters know our benefits inside and out.
B. Sort of. We have an in-house team, but they’re not full-time benefits experts.
C. No. We use the benefits info from our plan providers and vendors without much modification.

4. Do you collect, use, and respond to employee feedback about your annual OE process?

A. Yes, we share the results with employees and use the feedback to enhance next year’s plan.
B. We do a survey, but we don’t do much with the results.
C. No. When OE is over, we don’t want to think about it for another year!

5. Are you successful at reaching workers who don’t regularly sit at a computer or use email?

A. Yes, we use a variety of digital, mobile, and print channels to reach them.
B. Somewhat. Our non-corporate workers don’t seem to be as engaged in OE as they could be.
C. Not really — we mostly rely on email. One size fits all.

6. Do you personalize your approach or message to your employees’ demographics, psychographics, and life stages so that they are relevant and drive action?

A. Yes, we have this capability.
B. Not yet, but we’re working on it.
C. Huh? What are psychographics?

7. Do you have an adequate team of benefits, marketing, and change management experts dedicated to OE communications?

A. Yes, we are fully staffed, or have vendors we can rely on year-round.
B. Somewhat. We have a dedicated team, but we lack the bandwidth or expertise during OE.
C. No. Send help!

How Did You Score?
Mostly As: You’re in the fast lane! Keep doing what you’re doing, and focus your efforts on areas where you answered B.
Mostly Bs: You’re on the right track. A partner like Write On Target can give you practical tips on bringing those Bs and Cs up to speed.
Mostly Cs: Looks like you could use a tune-up! Don’t worry, you don’t have to go it alone. We’d be happy to have a peek under the hood and get you doing victory laps in no time.

Need a Little Help With That?
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