Communications 11/27/2017

Proof Your Work Once, then Proof It Again

As you prepare any communications, re-read all copy and check your numbers and URLs one last time. A typo, math error or wrong phone number is not only embarrassing, but also can cost you money if you need to reprint.
A good rule of thumb: Have someone who hasn’t been working on your communications read everything before you go to print. A fresh set of eyes may catch errors that you can’t “see” because you’re too close to the content.

  • Charts or examples: Be careful when updating a chart or example from a previous communication. Make sure all figures are updated to reflect the upcoming year. Mistakes can also occur when an example is edited through multiple versions of materials.
  • Automated comparison tools: If you have an automated plan comparison tool, make sure you update all the numbers used to make the calculations. Once you verify that the numbers are correct, take it for a test drive — run scenarios for every plan and every level of coverage to make sure everything adds up.
  • Contact information: Call every number and look up any addresses to make sure the information you’re providing is accurate. And don’t forget to check every URL, too.