Number of Employees

6,300 (U.S.)


With 15 major locations spread across 10 or more states, it’s no surprise that HR-related processes weren’t consistent among management teams. The talent management process was one of the first identified for an overhaul.

Komatsu HR wanted to create a new performance management system to help management and HR staff better understand how to conduct a comprehensive performance review that also involved employees. They also needed to develop a clear path to leadership that could help energize and identify the next generation of leaders.


For Performance Management

Anticipating pushback with the rollout of a formal performance management methodology, we were careful to make the learning process easy to absorb. We helped create a five-step training program, with every step communicated in simple, understandable language. HR now trains managers in five sessions/modules, each teaching a “key” element of the performance management process. Here’s how we communicated it all:

  • Presentations with guidelines, tips, and expectations for each of the five modules (e.g. performance appraisals, goal setting, feedback/coaching, etc.).
  • Custom-designed key ring with laminated, custom-cut “keys” highlighting the basics of each module; to be used later in guiding employee discussions.
  • Posters with a detailed timeline of the entire performance management process, clearly showing actions for employees and management.

For Leadership Training

To bolster credibility and create excitement, we designed a name and a logo to brand the program and all HR communication pieces. To inform employees about the new eight-session leadership track, we designed a graphical depiction of the year-long process. We also designed two sets of laminated slides: one that defined how to measure a company’s leadership culture, and one that detailed leadership behaviors and expectations.

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