Rethink the Process

Client Industry


Number of Employees

6,800 (U.S.)

The Challenge

Newly hired employees were forgetting to enroll before the deadline. Part of the issue was that HR used an overly complicated presentation to introduce benefits. The benefits service center had been downsized, and they were receiving a high volume of calls from new hires.

Our Solution

Rather than merely revamping HR’s presentation, we took a look at the company’s entire onboarding process to find the root of the problem. We quickly realized what they really needed — an overhaul of the entire benefits onboarding process. We had already designed and branded a modern intranet for them. And this was the perfect platform for a more engaging online experience, with the process starting well before the new hire’s first day on the job.


Phase 1 — Discovery and Internal Buy-In

  • Listened (really listened) to the client’s problem and the pain it was causing.
  • Developed a solution for the root problem (more than just a new slide deck).
  • Collaborated with the recruiting and benefits teams to improve the onboarding process and gain inter-departmental support.


Phase 2 — Concept, Production, Design

  • Reimagined preboarding process, prompting client to post relevant benefits information outside their firewall.
  • Developed email messaging and concise instructions to help recruits access that benefits information before onboarding.
  • Attached a very simple pre-hire document to help them come prepared on their first day.
  • Designed a space on the intranet dedicated to benefits onboarding.
  • From here, presenters can link to the different areas of the intranet to show new hires how to manage their benefits and enroll immediately.
  • Created a one-page, one-sided takeaway sheet with three clear actions each new hire needed to complete within 30 days.
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