Benefits Enrollment 10/21/2020

Open Enrollment: If You Don’t Laugh, You’ll Cry

For those in the thick of Open Enrollment, October can truly be a scary month. There are late nights and last-minute changes knocking at your door. Horrifying deadlines looming. And soon, nothing left to do but close your eyes and go for it.

Bad Halloween references aside…HR folks everywhere are on edge this time of year.

We say choose laughter over tears! We’ve pulled together a few serious survival tips, with some giggles on the side.

Laugh it off

Tackle the horror of this season with humor and tame the chaos of your day. A good belly laugh increases the level of oxygen in the blood, decreases blood sugar, and even burns up calories. These HR memes might do the trick.

Get on the ball

Swap your desk chair for an exercise ball once in a while. Not only does it help stretch out your back, but it’s a bouncy way to release that nervous energy building up. Dwight Schrute shows you how not to do it.

Stretch yourself

Stretch at least every couple of hours and get the blood flowing to that brain! Sitting all day literally takes years off your life. Sally O’Malley from Saturday Night Live is 50, and she still likes to stretch.

Get silly

Here at Write On Target, one of our favorite stress relievers is Silly Putty. We all have a stash at our desks to stretch and knead away the stress. Sorry…no videos of this (you can thank us later).

If you’ve knocked over your water glass laughing, our plan to lighten your load, even for a minute, has succeeded. We sure had fun writing and watching videos…now it’s back to work!

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