As you prepare your annual enrollment materials, take a look at the number of communication channels you plan to use this year and consider this: Employees want to receive benefits communications through multiple channels. And some expect to see six or more options.
Of course, the ultimate goal is to reach employees and get your message in front of them. So what should you do?

Multiple channels
Use multiple channels to deliver your enrollment messages. This could be two or more. The good news is you have lots of options. In addition to your intranet, consider email, text messages, manager talking points, electronic message boards, video, group meetings, posters, home mailings, webinars, apps and social media.

When deciding which communications channels to use, think demographics. Text messaging is a great way to reach millennials, but boomers still prefer print pieces. And don’t forget to include channels that will reach the spouse, a key decision maker during enrollment.

Clear, concise messaging
When crafting your content, make sure your messaging is clear, concise and consistent across all channels. Stick with three key points that you want to get across and hit them in every communication.

Benefits microsite
If you don’t have a benefits microsite, create one. This makes your benefits information accessible to employees via computer, smartphones or tablets. Once employees are ready to enroll, they simply click and go. The benefits microsite can also be updated and used throughout the year for new hires.

Happy writing!