COVID-19 1/27/2021

Employees and the COVID Vaccine: 3 Phases of Communications

Whether your company will require or encourage COVID-19 vaccinations, communications will be the biggest factor in how employees feel about it. It’s not just about logistics, and it’s not just an email or a flyer. This is a sensitive topic that requires thoughtful communications.

As we typically point out, effective employee communication need to be more than informative. Never has that been truer than now! Your vaccine campaign needs to be reassuring, transparent, and compelling. And it needs to reach everyone.

You can download our vaccine communications plan now, or read more about it below.

Download our communications plan for the COVID-19 vaccine

We’ve pulled together a campaign/plan that can help. It includes specific recommendations for:

  • Who you should be talking to, and when — from senior leadership to line managers to all employees
  • What you should be saying, and when — no need to wait until you have all the details decided…start now to squash the rumors
  • How you get the word out to everyone — webinars, toolkits, videos, hashtags, and more (plus your standard emails, posters, mailers, etc.)
  • Things you should be prepared for — exemptions/accommodations, conflict, and time off

A vaccinated workforce can be a real *shot in the arm* for getting back to business as usual. But how you handle the communications makes all the difference in how successful you are in getting there.

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