Employee Benefits: What Do Working Parents Need

Not all employees want or need the same benefits. As an HR professional, you’re dealing with five generations in the workforce, all of whom have vastly different benefits wants and needs. But, you’re also dealing with working parents and single employees. They, too, have different wants and needs. So let’s look at what working parents need and what you or your company may be able to do about it.
A survey by FlexJobs.com took a closer look at what working parents (both moms and dads) value the most when considering job opportunities. Compensation, flexibility, 401(k) and retirement benefits, health insurance and work-life balance came in at the top of the list. But, of all these benefits, working parents place the highest premium on flexibility:

  • Flexibility 84%
  • Work-life balance 80%
  • Compensation 75%
  • Health insurance 42%
  • 401(k) and retirement benefits 29%

Of the nearly 1,200 moms and dads with kids under 18, more than 90 percent said having kids at home has affected their interest in flexible jobs. Working parents are juggling two very important jobs: their careers and raising their children. To do both well requires flexibility. These options might include telecommuting, flexible hours, scaling back responsibilities or part time schedules.

In today’s globally connected world, the 9-to-5 schedule of our parents and grandparents is becoming outdated. And, as we’ve seen, there has been a gradual change in companies offering employees who work in more traditional “office” jobs flexibility over when and where they do their work. Business leaders recognize that it doesn’t matter how many hours employees are in the “office” as long as they finish their work on time. Amazon’s 30-hour workweek is just one example.

Read more about this working parents survey and let us know your thoughts.