Call to Action: Getting Beyond “Click Here”

You want your employees to take action during open enrollment. But are your online OE communications inspiring them to do that? If you’re relying on “click here to learn more” for your call to action (CTA), it may be time to make a change.

Actionable – Be clear and explain the benefit employees receive by taking action.

  • You could save thousands of dollars by shopping around. Find out how.
  • It’s up to you to choose the plans that meet your needs and budget. Re-evaluate your options.
  • Think you’re spending too much on health care coverage? Run your own scenario.

Emotional – Appeal to your employees’ emotions to drive action.

  • Don’t get left behind. Open enrollment meetings take place October 18 and 19. Join us.
  • Find out what others are saying about the high-deductible health plan. Discover now.

Easy, short, direct – Remember the goldfish and 6-second attention span that we keep talking about? To capture your employees’ attention, make your CTA easy, short and direct.

Open enrollment is October 17-31. Enroll.
Take steps to be a heathier you. Sign up.
Are you paying too much? Start saving.

Happy writing!