01 February 2012

Top Four Challenges HR is Facing in 2012…and How Communications Can Help

Over the past year, we’ve attended many HR functions and conferences. Even spoke at a few of them. And we noticed some recurring themes as to the challenges that HR folks are facing, namely:

  1. Dealing with multiple generations in the workplace;
  2. Retaining talent;
  3. Becoming less tactical and more strategic and;
  4. Adapting to new technologies.

Since we’re all about supporting HR professionals to be as successful as possible, we put on our thinking caps and developed some ideas as to how communications can help. You can read our article at http://www.writetarget.com/top_four_challenges_HR_is_facing_in_2012.pdf. Hope our tips and examples help you to make 2012 one of the best ever!