What We Do

Strategic. Collaborative. Responsive. These are just a few of the words our clients use to describe us. From Fortune 500 leaders to innovators in the health care and manufacturing industries, our clients rely on us to help them inform and engage their employees with the following communication programs.

  1. Benefits Enrollment
  2. Digital Marketing
  3. Wellness Programs
  4. Summary Plan Descriptions
  5. Recruiting and New Hire Orientations
  6. Compensation Changes
  7. Talent Management
  8. Acquisitions and Divestitures

Write On Target specializes in simplifying and translating complex benefits and HR communications into easy-to-understand-and-use materials. We can handle a simple assignment or an entire campaign.

Our team of writers, artists, web designers and producers work closely to create a wide variety of HR, benefits and employee communications.

In addition to providing exceptional service and refreshing, innovative ideas, our responsive team ensures that all deadlines are met with accuracy and efficiency. 


Annual enrollment doesn’t have to be a stressful time for you or your employees. With the right communication strategy from Write On Target, complex benefits information can be translated into easy-to-understand, time-efficient, relevant materials for your team. The proof is in our results…pure and simple.


In an ever-changing digital world, Write On Target understands that companies need to consider using digital marketing for their HR communications. We collaborate with our clients to define their communication goals, understand their audiences and outline the best tactical methods to effectively compel their audiences to respond to the various communication goals. Our team can coordinate and implement a variety of digital marketing offerings, including social media strategy, planning and execution, personalized microsites, mobile communications (text alerts or customized apps), video and animations, and webinars.


The well-being of your employees is imperative not only to their health, but also to your company’s productivity and bottom line. Starting a wellness program is great way educate your employees on how to take responsibility for their personal health and wellness. Not only will your team be more dynamic and energized, you may be able to reduce employee benefit costs.


Employers are required by the Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA) to provide employees with clear, concise communications about retirement and health benefits. It can be a daunting task to stay compliant with these rules, but Write On Target can help ensure your information is up-to-date, consistently organized and in compliance. 


It’s the goal of any good management team to attract the best and brightest candidates and new recruits. After you get them in the door for an interview, the challenge becomes persuading them to accept the new hire package. Write On Target can help you prepare engaging and comprehensible recruiting and new hire packages that attract the right people for the job.


Constructive feedback, both in the form of communication and compensation, is a way to ensure your business functions at a consistently high level. Explaining compensation changes and performance assessments can be a delicate matter. Write On Target can help you prepare internal materials that best communicate the right message to your employees.


It is an unavoidable fact of the business world that companies evolve, grow and divest. This often results in leadership changes and adjustments to benefits. Write On Target can help your employees make a smooth transition with clear, concise communications. We can also assist with a variety of company news and changes in a way that is confident, prepared, branded and professional.