12 April 2016

Replace the Jargon. Simplify.

Jargon. Trendy terms thrown around in everyday conversation. Clichés and catch phrases. You know the ones we’re talking about. You’ve probably heard them during a meeting or in the hallways. You may have even used one or two yourself.

And almost everyone has. Initially, office jargon offered a creative way to express an idea. These words were new and exciting. And then they became, well, buzzwords. Overused and abused until they lost their originality and, sometimes, their meaning.

This got us thinking. We at WOT are all about eliminating jargon from HR communications. But we aren’t above the fray, occasionally using a buzzword or two around the office.

So we decided to pull together some of the most overused buzzwords today.

Instead of this… Use this…
best practice benchmark
body of work product line
burning platform crisis
hard stop end time
let’s talk this discuss
lots of moving parts complicated
low hanging fruit easy
little effort
move the needle get a reaction
out-of-pocket out of the office
over the wall send to client
peel the onion understand
reach out contact
swim lane responsibility
take offline postpone
vertical area of expertise