21 December 2012

Our Story of Who-ville (or Whom-ville)

Most everyone
Down in WOT-ville
Liked grammar a lot…

But a few
Who struggled with it
Did NOT!

Now we love all the Whos and the story of thee
But sometimes a Who is used
In a spot where a Whom needs to be.

Oh the horror of misuse
The horror
Indeed! Indeed! Indeed!

Here is a rule
To help you know the difference
Of when to use a Who or a Whom in a sentence.

He = Who
Him = Whom
If He works as the pronoun, you’ll know a Who is correct.
If Him works better, a Whom you should elect.

An example for learning
To know the difference you are yearning

Who/whom should I pick?
The sentence fits him because “You would pick him.”
So, into the sentence Whom is what sticks.

Who/Whom wrote the rhyme?
Ahhh… He wrote the rhyme.
So in the sentence you put Who this time.

Now if you’ve followed this rhyme
And learned what’s correct…
Too much time on your hand — what the heck!

Get out there in Who-ville, Green-ville, the like
Get shopping and caroling and enjoying your time.
No grinches in your way of a merry holiday
Is our wish to you and your family

Happy Holidays!