16 December 2014

Monday Morning Quarterback

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We hosted a webinar last week for the Health Action Council entitled “Monday Morning Quarterback — How to Analyze your 2015 Annual Enrollment and Prepare for Next Year.”

We’re not going to sum up an hour long webinar in this blog, especially since you’re probably busy finishing up your to-dos for the end of the year. But you might want to take a moment to do a little Monday morning quarterbacking of your communications over the past few months.

What worked well? What didn’t? Did you forget any key audiences and then have to rush to create something for them? Did you have any “emergencies” that ended up being an over-reaction from a small group of employees? How did your audiences embrace electronic communications and tools? Could you promote some of the tools throughout the year?

The benefit of doing the Monday morning quarterback exercise is that it will help you to plan for next year’s open enrollment. What’s more, you can apply the lessons learned in your HR communications game plan for 2015. After all, what worked (or didn’t) during enrollment will probably also apply to your wellness, 401(k), talent management and compensation campaigns in the coming year.

So during your holiday break, kick back and enjoy a few games. But keep a score pad nearby to jot down ideas as they come to you. Taking the offense, by learning from your past experience and planning ahead, will make you an MVP on the HR department team!

Note: If you’re interested in the presentation (either by webinar or in person), contact Elizabeth Borton at eborton@writetarget.com. It is pre-approved for HRCI certification. Details are at http://www.writetarget.com/where_were_at.html.