05 May 2017

May Is Global Employee Health and Fitness Month!

Increasing employee participation in the company wellness program can be challenging – the numbers don’t lie, as we showed in last week’s blog, Wellness beyond Metrics.

So, with May being Global Employee Health and Fitness Month, an annual observance of health and fitness in the workplace, we thought we’d share some ideas that you could implement now to give your program a shot in the arm.

  • Encourage employees to take the stairs
  • Start a walking club
  • Recruit speakers for employee brown bag lunches
  • Offer healthy cooking recipes
  • Provide ways to manage stress
  • Bring in a doctor — on-site health clinics allow employees to schedule office visits for routine care without taking time off work
  • Swap junk food with healthier options in vending machines
  • Replace soft drinks with milk, juice or water
  • Offer healthy meal and snack options

These simple changes may help increase your numbers, and this is important. The fact is, when employees participate in a wellness program, they are healthier, happier and more engaged. Companies witness a spike in productivity, increasing the bottom line. You’re better positioned to attract and retain top talent. And your company will be recognized as a forward-thinking employer and thought leader.

During Global Employee Health and Fitness Month, encourage your organization to create an active, healthy environment that provides opportunities for employees to be active throughout the day.